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Month: May 2012

How to Repair Cellphone Not Charging, No Reponse, Charger Not Supported Problem Issues

There are few types of charging problem issues like Not Charging, No Charging Response and Charger Not Supported.A problem issues with “Not Charging” shows on a display when a charger is being plug-in, this problem occurs when a required current or voltage is not enough to boost up  and charge the mobile phones battery.One reason […]

master code for all mobile

MOTOROLA W220DISPLAY PROBLEM*#**367628#+send key master reset *#**778337#+send key E2p reset and other same code for all O2x1reset password *#9999#Hang talk and power button together [??]secret motorola mpx200 codes engineering menu, test mode, logs, etc. Enter in the top secret ‘Engineering Mode’ on your MPx200 entering:*#**364# on your keypad then press the Green Button other interesting […]

LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares

LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares for the following Unit/model handsets:a7150, b1300, b1200, b200, b2070, b2100, b2150, b2250, c1100, c1150, c1200, c1400, c2100, c2200, c2500, c3310, c3320, c3380, c3400, c3600, f1200, f2100, f2200, f2300, f2400, f2410, f3000, f7100, g1500, g1600, g1610, g1800, g3000, g3100, g5200, g5220, g5300, g5310, g5400, g5500, g5600, g7000a, g7030, g7050, g7070, g7100, […]

SMD Capacitor

The types of capacitor which is commonly used in small space circuit like the cellphone uses the Tantalum type of capacitor, Tantalum capacitors are used in smaller electronic devices including portable telephones, pagers, personal computers, and automotive electronics.It also offer smaller size and lower leakage than standard. .There are two types of Capacitors used in Mobile Phones Circuits,The Polarized and Non-Polarized Capacitors.This are the […]

How to Identify Capacitor's Symbols and Layout

There are two types of capacitors, the Polarized and the Non-polarized. The Polarized is indicated with  ”+” positive and ”-” negative, meaning this cannot be change into its mounting position from a certain connection of a circuit polarity, The ”+” positive is for the voltage supply line B+ only and the ” – ” negative is for the grounding […]

LG KP500 IMEI Change Without Any Box

1st if you want unlock:step by step to unlock KP500 1- instal lg drivers, i think that this one is enough: then connect mob with usb cable without battery,sim or any memory(mmc) it will find new hardware, let it install drivers auto after install drivers remove phone from usb port 2- donwload this:http://rapidshare.comextract and […]