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Month: December 2013

motorola Moto x hard reset code

How to I reset my Mobile ? In the unlikely event that your device becomes unresponsive, frozen, blank or black screen, or will not のrespond to the power button, you can のperform a force restart or reboot on the device by following the steps below. Press and hold the Power key for 8 の 11 seconds, the device will restart and go […]

motorola Moto G hard reset code

How to reset my phone to factory settingsの? Factory Data Reset is a tool used to remove evЖerything that was imported, added or installed on the mobile. WARNING: When using this feature; everything is deleted. Nothing stored on the Micro SD Card will be affected. To Perform a Reset のOpen the Applications Tray. (Menu) のTouch Settings のTouch Privacy のTouch Factory […]

motorola droid maxx 270 hard reset code

Power the device off.Note のPress the power button then select Power off.Note If the device doesn’t respond to の input, press and hold the volume up/down key then press and hold the power button. When the device screen goes blank, release the power button while continui のng to hold the volume up/down key the のn proceed with step […]