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Infinity best v1.78 nokia download

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.78 released

– USB flashing improved
— MTKx: flashing improved, New Drivers supported, BL detection improved
— MTKx: flash Loaders updated
— XG223: flash Loaders updated
— XG213: flashing revised

– Service operations improved
— MTKx: improved Security backup
— MTKx: improved RPL (Security) restore: RPL <> BBID verify
— MTKx: improved operations in service mode
— MTKx: improved “Full Label” (RM-945 support)
— WP8x: service mode operations improved

– Navi Manager updated
Stability improvements
Fixed download issues for some firmware
eMMC content files detection revised
– Navi Database updated
Included all latest Asha, WP8x, MTKx firmwares
Included “Lumia Black” (GDR3) update for some WP8x models: Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520
New Products included :
XG: RM-922 Asha 503(DS) (DoubleShot)
XG: RM-958 Asha 503(DS) (DoubleShot)
XG: RM-934 Asha 500(DS) (QIMING)
WP: RM-939 Lumia 1520 (BANDIT HSPA)
WP: RM-940 Lumia 1520 (BANDIT ATT)
WP: RM-997 Lumia 525 (GLEE China)
WP: RM-998 Lumia 525 (GLEE)

– User Data operations improved
— Released MMC password extraction from full flash for S^3 phones (Anna, Belle, S3)
— Released MMC password extraction from XG213 during read RPL or read rlash
— Improved Notes/Calendar extraction for S40: BB5/XGold phones
— Improved SMS extraction for S40: BB5/XGold phones

– xCntTool updated
— Released XG223 “QIMING” Project support (Asha 500) (Unpack)
— Improved XG618 support (Asha NGS40) (Unpack/Repack)
— Added “MeeGo” tab
Patch Modem : Allow make “patched” FW for fix some CMT errors
Fix “MTC_NOT_READY” and “HW_BREAK” errors (CMT DG fault)
Allow to make “normalized” FW for Chinese N9 version (PR_003)
Remove Version SW: allow remove “certificate” blocks for make force flashing
NOTE: use Remove only if you know what you are doing !
Supported products : RM-696 (N9)

– Other
— Fixed Manual FileSelect for some models (Old BB5 , Asha NG)
— Fixed product path issues
— Stuff Files updated
— New MTKx drivers uploaded on support area: WinUSB x64/x86
— New MTKx Flash drivers uploaded on support area: Serial NMP x64/x86
— Ini updated and revised
— Minor bugs fixed                                      Download Now

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