Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Volcano Box V 3.0 Aka Inferno MTK V 0.1B Setup Download

Volcano box 3.0 AKA Inferno V 0.1B Released
Only for Inferno Key Users
Inferno Software for Merapi Activated users is on the way. 

Unofficial Support Site by Welcome Zone Haldwani

inferno is Advance Version of MerapiTool. We called it “VolcanoBox 3.0 aka Inferno”

Inferno MTK Feature List

VolcanoBox 3.0 AKA Inferno

2. Read Information

2.1. Read Information

2.2. Read Information ( Extend)

3. Read Flash File

4. Write Flash File

5. Unlock Phone

5.1. Unlock USB

5.1.1. Reset Pattern Lock ( EMMC )

5.1.2. Reset Pin Lock ( EMMC)

5.1.3. Reset Password Lock (EMMC)

5.1.4. Reset Theft Lock ( EMMC)

5.1.5. Clear FRP ( EMMC)

5.1.6. Format Clear Lock

5.2. Unlock ADB

5.2.1. Reset Pattern Lock ( ADB)

5.2.2. Reset Pin Lock ( ADB)

5.2.3. Reset Password Lock ( ADB)

5.2.4. Reset Theft Lock ( ADB)

5.2.5. Clear FRp (ADB)

5.3. Bootloader Fastboot

5.1. Read Lock

Read Pattern Lock

6. Format

6.1. Auto Format

6.2. Total Format

6.3. Part Format

6.4. Wipe Data/Cache

7. Backup Factory File

7.1. USB Backup

7.2. ADB Backup

7.3. Split Flash File

8. Write Factory File

9. Clear Virus

9.1. Clear Viruses ( ADB )

9.2. Clear Viruses ( USB )

10. Root

10.1. Root ( ADB)

10.2. Root ( USB)

11. ADB Model

11.1. Connect

11.2. Read Information

11.3. Root

11.4. Unroot

11.5. Backup Factory Files

11.6. Read NV

11.7. Write NV

11.8. Clear Locks

11.9. Write Imei

12. Feature Phone

12.1. Read Flash

12.2. Write Flash

12.3. Format

12.4. Read Password

13. Write IMEI

Write imei is Disabled, for Enable you have click on Setting Icon and Enable it.


Inferno is Semi Online

Need to connect with Internet on very 1st time on your computer

Need to connect with internet again after 30 days or Inferno runs 200 times (which comes 1st)

Rest all Software is offline.

Please Keep This Thread clean. All Offtopics & Spam will be deleted.

Mostly All Questions has been Discussed, So if you have any Question please Use MAGIC Button and get answer.

This Inferno Ver “0.1B” is very Basic & Beta Public ver. i know you people have very high expectations but software maybe have problems. So We will keep updating it.

How to Active ?

1st of all. please keep in mind that this Activation process is for very short time. We are making Automated System So, till that you can Active your Keys by This Manual ways.

Please Follow these steps:

Download Volcanobox 3.0 AKA Inferno MTK0.1B Setup from this link

Index of ./VolcanoBox/Inferno – VolcanoBox 3.0/Setup_Installer/

Install it & Plug Inferno Key & Run it then

Go to “C:\InfernoKey_MTK\tools\Dog” Folder ( “C:” is default installation folder )

Please send that Bin “DogToken(XXXXXXXXX).bin” File to with these details

Your Name:

Your Gsmhosting ID:

Your Reseller:

How much do you paid for Inferno Key:

Your Phone number:

Your Country:

Title Should be “Your Gsmhosting ID” “Your DOGToken bin file complete name”

For example:


Title: Yourname Your DogToken( ID )

“Write your Details”

Your Name:

Your Gsmhosting ID:

Your Reseller:

How much do you paid for Inferno Key:

Your Phone number:

Your Country:

Attach your  “DogToken(XXXXXXXXX).bin”

and send to

Please Allow 12 hours to 24 Working hours, We will reply you that your Dongle has been Activated for “30 Days As FREE Use”

Note For all Merapi Users: 

We are just about to finish system from that You will use Inferno Software on your Volcanobox & you can Active Inferno with your Merapi Username and Password.

Downlaod Area: Index of ./VolcanoBox/Inferno – VolcanoBox 3.0/Setup_Installer/

Important Threads you may Interested.

To early My Friend !!

Inferno Manual

VOLCANO 3.0 aka INFERNO – All Importants Details- FAQ – Manual – Ticks etc


Post here all Successfully Read – Write – Format Phones with VOLCANO 3.0 aka INFERNO

Success Unlock-FRP – Pattern – Gmail Reset etc with VOLCANO 3.0 aka INFERNO

All World First Read|Write|Format|Frp Reset Etc With VOLCANO 3.0 aka INFERNO

other boxes Failed and Inferno Success


Best Regards

Updated: 06/02/2016 — 3:39 PM

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