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Z3X EASY JTAG V Linux Full News

Z3X Easy JTAG Easy EMMC Updates Released: Hot sun shining after long cold windy days šŸ˜‰ We proud to present our users a news features and models. More than 1000 Pinouts available for forensic recovery and data repair. EasyJTAG Classic: Added on support Changes: – Added SMART repost processing for eMMC 5.0 and eMMC […]

UFI Software version SPI EEprom Setup Download

UFI Software version SPI EEprom Update Released: For UFi BOX & UFi Dongle Available Introducing P2P(BitTorrent) support download – Built with Aria2, to enable this function you have to allow the firewall to open when you’re prompted to do so – To prevent data corruptions, specially to users with limited internet connection, files bigger […]

Falcon Box V 1.3 Motorola Pack Direct Unlock Setup Download

Falcon Box V1.3 Next Generation Mobile Tool MIRACLE TEAM Motorola Pack Update Released: Thanks for Using Miracle Team Product ā€œFalcon Box & Falcon Miracle Key Editionā€ To make the Better Mobile Repair Solution for you, We bring to the Updates regularly. Every Update of our software include improvements for new functions and better service and […]

Volcano Box Inferno MTK V 1.2.6 Reset Password Lock Setup Download

Volcano Box Inferno MTK Version 1.2.6 Reset Password Lock, Lot of Improvments, Most Stable Update Released: All Modules are FREE for All VolcanoBox Inferno Activated & Inferno Key Activated users Volcano Box Inferno MTK V1.2.6 What’s New: Added: Reset Pin Lock 6755 ,6750,6797 Reset Password Lock: 6755,6750,6797 Improvements: Fixed Devices “No find Id” 6580,6752 Partition […]

Octoplus JTAG PRO v 1.3.6 Partition Manager Setup Download

Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.3.6 Software Partition Manager Released Update: Added support via eMMC (ISP) for HTC Desire Eye M910n, HTC One DS (PN07710), HTC Desire 626 (OPM9120), HTC Desire 510 (OPCV200), Samsung SM-J500FN, Samsung GT-I9505, LG LS665 and HUAWEI Ascend Mate 7 (MT7-L09). Uploaded new ā€œLive logsā€ in to the Support Area. Octoplus JTAG PRO […]

Octoplus Octopus Box v 2.6.3 LG Software Support Full Installer Download

Octoplus/Octopus Box v.2.6.3 LG Software Support Update Released We have added world’s first support for LG M160, M160E, X230, X230Z, X240 and more! Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software v.2.6.3 Release Notes: ? Added support for the following models: – M160 – added world’s first Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write/Reset Security, Write Firmware, […]

Miracle Box Ver 2.47 Qualcomm Custom Flasher Setup Download

Miracle Box Ver 2.47 Qualcomm Custom Flasher Released Update: -:Update Highlights:-V2.47 1.Qualcomm Add,Lenovo,Lyf,Vivo,Wiko,Xiaomi,Xiaomi,Archos support. 2.Qualcomm Add Write flash(EDL New Mode, Fastboot) supported. 3.Qualcomm Add Custom Flasher Support. 4.Qualcomm Add Read Flash Support. 5.Qualcomm Add Read Flash Manually Mode and make XML support. 6.Qualcomm Add Format and Manually Mode Support. 7.Qualcomm Add Remove Account Locks (New […]