Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Easy-JTAG – one of most wanted update Download

Easy-JTAG – one of most wanted update for EASY-JTAG from begin.
DIRECT EMMC connect (ISP) speed increased to amazing values!!
1 month of our job and new Update released: free-mobile-solutions

Now you can be SURE – you have fastest DIRECT free-mobile-solutions EMMC writing in gsm word.

Main changes:

– HIGH speed EMMC Direct core 2.0 Released
– New Box Firmware Released 1.50 free-mobile-solutions
– New algorithm for reading /writing with long wires!! <——–
– Auto repeat read/write (if connection losed/or error while job)
– More stable connection and fast EMMC detect
– MOVINAND firmware dump backupfree-mobile-solutions

– Speed of reading increased UP to 6 times. free-mobile-solutions
– Speed of writing increased UP to 20 times!!!!! Yes Yes. incredibly!!!!

New phones added via JTAG connection: free-mobile-solutions

– support LG F180L (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
– support LG F180S (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
– support HTC One SV C520e free-mobile-solutions ( PL80130 )(Read/Write/One click boot repair)
– support ZTE V8000 (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
New phones added via DIRECT EMMC (ISP) connection:

– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions GT-P1000 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions SGH-T929 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions SCH-W2013 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions SCH-W999 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions GT-S7562 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Samsung free-mobile-solutions GT-S7568 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)

– support Sony LT29Ifree-mobile-solutions (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support VIVO X1W free-mobile-solutions (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Xiaomi 2A free-mobile-solutions (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Xiaomi 2S free-mobile-solutions (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support Xiaomi M1 free-mobile-solutions (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
– support ZTE U960 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)

P.S. While you downloading and playing with new speed ISP core, we cooking something new
and also very HOT  Be ready FOR THIS! free-mobile-solutions

P.S2. Do you have not supported phones, want help us to research new updates, come to easy-jtag section.

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