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How To Hard Reset All Sony Ericsson Andorid phone 100% Done

[Hard reset]

All Sony & Ericsson Andorid phone

(for Google lock – User lock – delete data)

I see this posts every day in Forum and i think about a thorough post for
Hard reset Sony & Ericsson Andorid phone !!!!

When you use hard reset :
  1. Your is hang or delete data
  2. Forgotten password
  3. Google lock
And …
Attention :

After hard reset you lose lose everything on phone 


How to Hard reset :

1.When you see ((mobile show google lock)) Or ((pattern)) Or … click on emergency call
2.Type this code : *#*#7378423#*#*
3.After type you see
*service info
*service setting
*service texts
*customization setting customization setting
5.Select reset customization
6.In the last Click on Reset Customization and reboot
 After reboot hard reset is complete !!!!!

I test this way on :

St15 – St18 – Sk17 – Lt15 – Lt18 – Mt25 – St17 – St21 – St25 – lt26 – Mt11 – St26 – And …….
If this way not work : 
If this way not work on your phone you shoud flash it .(flash with setool Or Flashtool Or Update service Or EMMA Or …)
Updated: 09/12/2015 — 11:05 PM

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