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How to hard reset nokia lumia 800 code

how to hard reset my mobile phone

To hardŽ reset your Nokia Lumia 800
using key switch please off your phone . 
Press and hold this keys .  
Camera + Volume -, + switch on the phone vibrates, 
then release Žonly the Power key and keep pressing 
the Camera + Volume- for a couple of seconds 6-7s.  
other option go Žto the Start screen, 
tap Tap to go Settings to go about phone.
press Tap again reset your phone. and then tap yes. 
how to repair …. 
Repair your Nokia Lumia 800 
1st one of in following option  
RebootŽ your Nokia 800 phone. 
Press and hold the Žpower switch for same time  
11 seconds. The phone is power off. To switch  
on your phone on again.Ž press the power switch .
= Update your phone software = Restore the default factory settings

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Updated: 09/12/2015 — 11:05 PM

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