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IMEI Converter Tool Download Full setup

IMEI Converter Tool Download Full setup

IMEI Converter tool is the Best tool that allows you to covert IMEI into codes for editing the imei file that can be installed into your android smartphone with the qpst tool software. This method of converting IMEI works in different mobile phones like Xiaomi, Lava, Intex, Micromax, and many more platform .

IMEI Converter Tool download

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How to use IMEI Converter For restoring IMEI

Restoring Process:

  1. Run the “IMEI Converter.exe” and Convert the IMEI that you had written from the back of the device .IMEI Converter Tool download
  2. Download and Extract the Zip file on your computer (Download zip file)
  3. Now open this file using UltraEdit and you should see a screen like thisIMEI Converter Tool download
  4. Now Find the “08 8A 56 89 00 42 62 23 41” of hex numbers for SIM 1 .IMEI Converter Tool download
  5. Replace it with the IMEI generated from the IMEI Converter.exe for the Sim1 IMEI .
  6. Now save the file and Exit UltraEdit
  7. Now again Run the Minimal ADB and Fastboot and execute the following commands in the sequenceIMEI Converter Tool downloadAnd Then the below one command
    IMEI Converter Tool downloadThe first set of commands will create a backup of the existing images and the next will wipe off the modemst1 and fsg partitions .
  8. Once you restart you will find IMEI to be gone and 0 .
  9. Once you restart you will lose the diag mode. you will have to follow 1.6 to 1.8 to enable it .
  10. Now Run the QPST and Select the Ports Tab .IMEI Converter Tool download
  11. You should see the port added automatically
    In case you dont see any port you can use the “Add New Port” button .
  12. Now Click on the Start Clients option on the Top Menu bar and select Software DownloadIMEI Converter Tool download You will see a Window like thisIMEI Converter Tool download
  13. Click on the restore tab and then browse to the file that you just saved.
  14. Now click the start Button
  15. Once it is done Reboot your system and You should have your IMEI restored

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IMEI Converter Tool Download Links Given Below

Download Imei Converter Free With High Speed Server

Alternate Downlaod link for IMEI Converter Free For You

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