Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Infinity-Box BEST NK2 v1.03 Setup Download

Infinity-Box BEST NK2 v1.03 Setup Download

Infinity-Box BEST NK2 v1.03

ATTENTION: To use this software you should copy licence file license_xxxxxxxx.dat from /BEST/ folder to /BEST2/ folder

– Nokia 8 line changes Infinity-Box
New restore database for latest firmwares ( up to 439x version )
Revised flashing core
Activated ability to mirror FW version to both partition and select one of them to boot
During Identify now shown A/B SW version info
Other repair features, specified for NK8 Line only, activated

– Other
Fixed flashing issues for devices with different FlashIC sizes
Flashing core revised
More info shown during identify ( EDL/FB )
Change FW naming during reading to SW version info ( factory-like format )
Encryption state during identify revert back, since some models have NON-encrypted FileSystem
Repair Security updated

– Use Nokia Care Emergency drivers ( same as for Lumia/NXP )
– Latest available firmwares with OLD sec upload to support ( Nokia 2, Nokia 8, Nokia 5 )
– Nokia Android 8 (Oreo) changes :
> From January/February security patches EDL cables NOT work anymore on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 !
> Security workaround, used before For Nokia 2 and Nokia 8 NOT work with new BootLoader versions!
> When new workaround will be finished, there is left for now just TP ( with device disassembly ) or rare OTA bugs to force EDL/Downgrade bootchain

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