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Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.5 Setup Download

Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.5 Setup Download

Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.5 (Zte Special 2017)

Miracle Falcon Box
3.5 Released on 28th Dec 2017
Support Also Miracle Key Activation Users
High Lights of Updates

ZTE Special 2017 Update (Bye Bye 2017)

-Read info
(ADB / FTM / EDL) Modes

# Direct Unlock / Reset Counters
(ADB / FTM / EDL) Modes

# Remove Frp Lock in
(Adb / Ftm / Edl) Modes

# IMEI Repair
FTM Mode

# Read/Write Qcn
FTM Mode

# Reboot EDL
-Enable Diag

ZTE Z832
ZTE Sonata 3
ZTE Z971
ZTE Blade Spark
ZTE Z982
ZTE Blade Z Max
ZTE Grand X View 2
ZTE Trek 2
ZTE B2016
ZTE Z956
ZTE Grand X 4
ZTE Z959
ZTE Grand X 3
ZTE Z983
ZTE Blade X Max
ZTE Z981
ZTE Zmax Pro
ZTE Z958
ZTE Zmax 2
ZTE Z852
ZTE FanFare 3
ZTE Blade A310
ZTE Blade A512
ZTE Z831
ZTE Maven 2
ZTE Z833
ZTE Avid Trio
ZTE Z835
ZTE Maven 3
ZTE Z828
ZTE Avid Plus
ZTE B2017G
ZTE Blade A320
ZTE Blade A506
ZTE Orance Dive 71
ZTE Blade A462
ZTE Grand X4
ZTE Z956
ZTE V995
Turkcell T80
Vodafone VFD513
Vodafone Smart E8
Vodafone VFD510
Vodafone Smart V8
Vodafone VFD710
Vodafone VFD600
Vodafone Smart PRIME 7
Vodafone Smart Platinum 7
Vodafone Smart ULTRA 6
Vodafone VFD900

Download Miracle Falcon Box Main Module 3.5

Total ZTE Qualcomm Devices Supported

TMN Smart A7, Optimus sydney, Optimus Barcelona, Vodafone Smart Chat, ZTE Roamer,
SanFransisco II, ZTE Skate, ZTE Monte Carlo, ZTE Vivacity, Star Trail, Star Addict, ZTE V960, ZTE Z990,
ZTE P733N, ZTE P733K, ZTE P733T, ZTE V889D, ZTE P733, ZTE P743, ZTE P743T, ZTE P752D, ZTE P752E, ZTE P752T, ZTE V9c,
Turkcell Maxi Plus 5, SFR Star Trail II, SFR starnaute, Moche smart a16, ZTE KIS 3, Orange Rono, ZTE Open C, ZTE V811, Beeline Smart 2,
ZTE Z730, ZTE Concord 2, Generic Qualcomm,Zte Blade V770, Vodafone 600, Vodafone Smart Prime 7, Turkcell T50
Orange Neva 80, ZTE Z832, ZTE Sonata 3 ,ZTE Z971 ,ZTE Blade Spark ,ZTE Z982 ,ZTE Blade Z Max ,ZTE K81 ,ZTE Grand X View 2 ,
ZTE K88 ,ZTE Trek 2 ,ZTE B2016 ,ZTE Z956 ,ZTE Grand X 4, ZTE Z959 ,ZTE Grand X 3 ,ZTE Z983 ,ZTE Blade X Max ,
ZTE Z981 ,ZTE Zmax Pro ,ZTE Z958 ,ZTE Zmax 2 ,ZTE Z852 ,ZTE FanFare 3 ,ZTE Blade A310 ,ZTE Blade A512 ,ZTE Z831 ,
ZTE Maven 2 ,ZTE Z833 ,ZTE Avid Trio ,ZTE Z835, ZTE Maven 3 ,ZTE Z828 ,ZTE Avid Plus ,ZTE B2017G ,ZTE AXON 7 Mini ,
ZTE Blade A320 ,ZTE Blade A506 ,ZTE CONEXIS X1 ,ZTE Orance Dive 71 , ,ZTE Grand X4 ,ZTE Z956ZTE V995 ,
Turkcell T80 ,Vodafone VFD513 ,Vodafone Smart E8 ,Vodafone VFD510 ,Vodafone Smart V8 ,Vodafone VFD710 ,
Vodafone VFD600 ,Vodafone Smart PRIME 7 ,Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 ,Vodafone Smart ULTRA 6 ,Vodafone VFD900

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