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Miracle Falcon Qualcomm Module 1.7 Setup Download

Miracle Falcon Qualcomm Module 1.7  Setup Download

Miracle Falcon Qualcomm Module 1.7 30th Nov 2017 (Lots of Surprises))

Falcon Box
Next Generation Repair Tool
Qualcomm Module V1.7 (30th Nov)
:What News Inside :

Falcon Qualcomm Module 1.7
Generic Qualcomm Bootloader Unlock
-Unlock Bootloader
-Relock Bootloader
-Edl Mode
-No Need Root / Usb Debug

Miracle Falcon Box 1.7 Download

-Vivo Qualcomm Imei Repair (Method 3)
-Improved Universal Network Unlock for Qualcomm Devices
-Improved Qualcomm Read Firmware
-Improved Qcn Reader / Writer

Qualcomm Module Features

Auto Detect Chipset
Auto/Manual Select Loader

Auto Detection for Following Chips
# MSM8x10
# MSM8x26
# MSM8610
# MSM8909
# MSM8916
# MSM8917
# MSM8929
# MSM8936
# MSM8937
# MSM8940
# MSM8952
# MSM8953
# MSM8974
# MSM8976
# MSM8992
# MSM8994
# MSM8996

Read Pattern Lock For Qualcomm Devices
– Supports Read Pattern in Edl Mode

Write RawFirmware
– Edl Mode (2 Methods)
– Fastboot Mode

List Partitions
Read Firmware
Manually Dump Any Partition
Manually Dump Full Firmware
Auto Make Raw xml

List / Wipe Any Single Partition
Wipe Full Rom
Manual Format
Factory Reset
Remove Account Lock
– Universal Qualcomm Method
– Xiaomi Method

Custom Flasher
– Flash Any Custom Image without Full Flash
– Flash Any Partition without Full Flash

Read Information
– Normal Mode
– Fastboot Mode
– Diag Mode
– Download/Edl Mode

Network Unlock
Read Codes
Direct Unlock
– Old Security Method
– New Security Method
– Support Most Models

Efs Tool
– Read Efs
– Write Efs
– Reset Efs

Qcn Tool
– Read Qcn
– Write Qcn
– Factory Format

Misc Tab
Enable Diag
Remove Account Locks
– Normal Mode
– Fastboot Mode
– Edl Mode
– Diag Mode
Factory Reset
– Normal Mode
– Fastboot Mode
Bootloader Lock
Bootloader Unlock
Beta Imei Repair in Edl Mode
Script Generation
Reboot edl Mode

– Write Imei 1 (Most Qualcomm Models Supported)
– Write Imei 2 (Most Qualcomm Models Supported)
– Write Meid (Most Qualcomm Models Supported)
– Write Esn (Most Qualcomm Models Supported)
– Write Spc (Most Qualcomm Models Supported)
– Imei Repair for Oppo Qualcomm Devices
– Imei Repair for OnePLus Qualcomm Devices

– 5 Different Methods
– Nv Method
– Efs Method
– New Security Method
– Oppo Method
– OnePlus Method

Demo Unlock
2 Different Methods
Demo Unlock Tool
– Vivo V5 Plus
– Vivo V7 Plus
– Vivo Y21L
– Vivo Y53
– Vivo Y55
– Vivo Y55L
– Vivo Y55S
– Vivo Y66
– Generic

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