Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

MRT 2.09 update beta version Setup Download

MRT 2.09 update beta version Setup Download

mrt 2.09 update beta version release

MTK Tools add
Motorola: PA720052CO XT1663 XT1721 XT1723 XT1724 XT1725 XT1754-DS-50_EMEA XT1760 XT1761 XT1762 XT1764 2 XT1769 XT1770 XT1771 XT1772 XT1773 XT1902 XT1902-2
Lenovo A7010a48
Huawei CUN-L21 CUN-L22 CUN-U29 LUA-L21 LUA-L22 LUA-U22 Support

MRT 2.09 Download 


MTK 6735 6737 6753 cpu add EHAEFA EHACEA EH8CE8 F722MB new flash IC Support


cause is so many mobile list in here,we are just test some,not all,if you face it,you can try,and post the feedback gsm forum mrt section
Mrt 2.08 Update list supplement

mtk X20 X25 great GPT function support all the MTK 6757 6755 6797 for after change flash ic,or format all,or flash error flash file,can not flash any more support

when you tick the read back factory firmware will back up scat flash file
when untick readback factory firmware will backup BIN firmware,like EMMC Stock read(inside Include the boot1 boot2 userdata…)<in here mrt is readback by usb cable without open mobile>

when write flash tick the write factory firmware,you can flash scat file,

when you write flash untick the write factory firmware,it will support flash bin firmware;like emmc stock firmware,inside include write the emmc boot1 and userdata,<in here mrt is write by usb cable without open mobile>
normal mtk cpu perloader block is emmc boot1 block

and after X20 X25 diffenct before,if mobile not have gpt block,mean this empty(like you format all,or change flash ic),or this gpt block is damage,you can not write EXT4 format firmawre to flash ic
Ext4 format firmware normal have CUST\SYSTEM\USERDATA\CACHE…
so you need fix this GPT in the first before you flash mobile
select the factory firmawre (scat file)and in the mtk tools tick the “X20 X25 creat new GPT block ” then flash will ok

and if you write the bin firmware,GPT aleady in the userdata add 0 to size 0x4400,when you flash it auto creat

so we can say;mrt 2.08 is aleady can fix a lot mtk new cpu mobile phone!!!!

and inside 2.09 also

mrt version 2.09 google download link

mrt support area download link

Updated: 11/06/2017 — 2:31 PM

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