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Nokia 206 Lcd light Jumper Solution

Nokia 206 display light solution
Nokia 206 LCD light not working
Nokia 206 problem of light
Light jumpers Nokia 206 Ways

Black or LCD display Nokia 206, is the cause of the problem, or it does not turn the LED has failed.
In this version of the solution, and in the darkness of the back of the LCD screen, LED screen, the Nokia 206 to help solve the problem.

The first confirm the problem to try to install a new replacement LCD screen, you, or is caused by a LED LCD problem. Back to work, hardware and solutions still do not solve the LED light.

Nokia 206 LCD Full Methods Blues
Resolution LCD panel and the backlight LED driver circuit breakers that have been shown. Factor driving circuit and LED functions.  LINK 1

LCD LED connector pin is connected to the negative parts to find onside can be downloaded to a positive start.
Check the battery voltage to a specific value for the cell phone for evaluating LED driver IC supply voltage of 3.7 volts.
In both directions and a thin line in all of the supply voltage, the LED driver IC continues to change.

Note: The Nokia 206 IC also can lead to failure of the joint is damaged, a panel of backlight LED driver. The rear LCD screen, backlit keyboard does not work, and it is only the LED chip driver can not be defective or damaged. LED driver IC is still in the works, and refers to well ………………………

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