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Nokia 225 Mic Problem Solution Jumper

Nokia 225 mic jumper to solve the problem

The problem here is not working microphone, the Nokia 225 is the solution. Solution connection line paths and Nokia 225 is part of the microphone circuit.

The first step is to try to check the mic hole mic hole, mobile phone cover caught the first part might sound hole MIC, MIC, was so wrong. Mike is aware of a problem-hole, try the next step.

Nokia 225 Mike Jumper track

Mike supply voltage, MICdata, mic audio clock and ground pins above solution for easy tracing, conenction line method leads and more. You can start tracing the route of the line, each connection resistors 100 ohms, replaced all check microphones.

ON / OFF, + or if missing a jumper in track.

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Posted on our web site, our team before posting each solution by one or more experienced, but still remember that, but we still cause any damage to your cell phone can Note: do not take any responsibility for it, please. Repair solution used at your own risk. Thank you.
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