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Nokia Asha 502 Display Not Working Solution

Nokia Asha 502 is the way to solve the problem with the light display

This occurs when, in a Nokia 502 light any type of problem usually show water damage your phone. In this situation, your phone works normally, but on their phone for various functions, especially in the sun, as do various functions will become a problem as it actually It is very difficult to have. The problem is very important for you to control.

The problem
Display lights do not work.       DOWNLOAD NOW
Display lighting is dim.
Light display works sometimes and sometimes it does not.

Phone is water damaged.
Display connector pins soldering cleaning.
Diode may be faulty.
Nokia Asha 502 screen may be faulty.

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Hardware solutions:

Change V1001
See the image below:

After checking it, the only solution to this problem is resolved as the first thing you need to do this several times and re-plug the display cable connector to your phone’s touch screen connector.
IPhone 5S display and touch connector

The above solution fails, then you need to do, the next thing on their phone water damage is to check for any signs. Ward for a few seconds after the summer part with the board to remove all traces of water damage gently on their phones, so your phone’s address clean all traces of water damage. Check in later.

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