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Nokia N8 Network Solution

Nokia N8 Network Solution
Nokia N8 Network pf
Nokia N8 Network ic
Nokia N8 no Network Solution

Choose network

When you turn on the phone, it automatically selects a network within range. In certain circumstances, it might be useful to select a network manually, for example when you are abroad where different networks are available (depending on which operators your operator has roaming agreements with). Follow these instructions to choose network.

1. Find “Operator selection”

  • Press the Menu key.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press Connectivity.
  • Press Network.
  • Press Operator selection.

2. Choose option

  • Choose one of the following options:
  • Select network manually, go to 2a.
  • Select network automatically, go to 2b.

2a – Select network manually

  • Press Manual.
  • Wait a moment while the phone searches for networks within range.
  • A list of available networks is displayed.
  • Press the required network.
  • After a moment the display shows whether you have access to the selected network. If the display shows that you do not have access to the selected network, it is because your operator does not have a roaming agreement with the operator in question.
When you activate manual network selection, this setting is activated until you reactivate automatic network selection. If you are out of range of the selected network, the phone will not work.

2b – Select network automatically

  • Press Automatic.

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