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Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Ear Speaker Ways Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Speaker Jumper way solution – at this point, we earpiece speaker and try to discuss this issue. Often, a good job, which is not bad for yourself message of the President of Samsung S7562 ‘loss to speak. It dropped the phone, full of sand and other such word can be the result. Speaker Samsung S7562 Jitian are simple steps to avoid problems.

Should be the first step to check the speaker himself a small voice, speaker, speakers, mud hole, try to clean it up, it can be užtikrinta.kitas step does not resolve the issue, try to clean up.

Speaker does not work, try the next step, if the cause of the problem, and simply change the speaker has a problem, the solution may be, it is certain that, if the second stage, the speaker changes Try.

Path-breaking caution and care to try jumpers, is the third phase of the track and the speaker line up resistor Make sure to connect the speakers as shown below, try to check the line.

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Repair damage to solve this blog mistake we just a little help to improve the mobile phone you want,

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