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Samsung GT- C3322 Display Light Jumper LCD Ways Solution

Samsung selection Jiti C3322 LCD display light jumper solution

Solving skills Gt-C3322 LCD Display Light IC Jumper Samsung selection problem

Samsung C3322 solution and shows a black or dark screen display LED display backlight not working problem. LCD LED backlight is used for the job, which parts of the solution and shows the connection line.

Refer to the following address, your LCD screen or trying to change it later confirmed that the Samsung C3322 classic white LED backlight can help solve the problem.

Samsung C3322 classic display light jumper

LCD working, or is trying to change that confirms, but the LED backlight, display a black screen and after work, so you can check the highlighted section above shows. LCD pin connector if necessary, re-solder it can start cleaning.
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Samsung C3322 LCD display to address skills-lit LCD display IC Light Jumper selection problem is not working GT

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