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Samsung GT-C3322 Metro Duos Ringer ,Speaker not Working Solution

 Samsung GT-C3322 Metro Duos Ringer ,Speaker not Working Solution Schematic, Diagram , Circuit

   Ringer,Speaker not working 

When the incoming call is coming then the ringer is ringing. so we get it thata the call is coming. but sometimes 
we dosen`t know that the call is coming.At this condition the ringer is not work.such as-

1. The phone ring not work but the call is coming but we can`t hear it.
2. The phone speaker not working and incoming voice not coming.
3. Occasionally other Person`s voice is not come then we should have on the speaker.
4. When we does on the speaker but the incoming voice not hear.then the ringer is not work,

 When the ringer is not working we get you solution this problem.To solve this problem please follow these steps-

 Samsung GT-C3322 Metro Duos Ringer ,Speaker not Working Solution Step by Step 

Step 1

Signal on in L307,
L308 ?
Resolder L307,L30

Step 2

Check SPK
Change Speaker Module

Step 3

Check the S/W setting
(volume, mute, etc)
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