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SHP Smart Heating Platform Official Version 1.0.5 News

SHP – Smart Heating Platform Official Version 1.0.5 Released ! (Important Update !!!)

We’re proud to announce the release of SHP 1.0.5. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. And we’ve added a few features with better stability and practicability.

Disabled user intervention while updating to prevent failed updates

Improved usb communication routines (including the ones for writing settings, Software was tested again on old &new Intel and AMD computers)

Added computer sounds alert after successful (1 short beep) or failed (4 short beeps) apply settings

Added new firmware v6 with improved communication functions

Firmware V3 removed from software

Server side update to support new client 1.05

SHP (Smart Heating Platform) – GSM-Forum

About SHP – Smart Heating platform:

Smart Heating Platform (SHP) is the best professional toolkit for your electronic hardware repair needs. It offers many indispensable functions and makes working in a professional repair shop much more easy.

All functions are finely controlled using our custom made software control system with real time data display

General settings and operating ambient temperature ranges can be programmed using our software in order to work with or without computer

Has 4 integrated temperature sensors (internal temperature, heater temperature, external temperature and real time temperature tester K Type sensor)

The heating system has automatic temperature control that can keeping temperature constant and accurate while you work

An integrated 4 digits LED Display that can display all necessary data including state, temperature and voltages

A built in temperature tester function that can accurately and efficiently measure solder iron and hot air temperature (Measurement range: -125 – 1200 ℃, Tolerance: ± 1 ℃) in real time . This way you can be sure your rework tools are correctly calibrated and working at peak performance

Heating panel A made from high purity copper with an efficient method for high heat flux design

Heating panel B made from aluminum can separating glass etc(Compatible size for 13 inch and below)

With panel B can use for baking、drying、aging etc (Eg.water-flooded components of UMT mainboard)

Almost all current PCB integrated circuits can be soldered and de-soldered without the need of a soldering iron or a hot air gun. (Eg,Apple A7 A8 A9 A10 CPU 、baseband IC or harddisk IC etc)

Can act as a pre-heater for your everyday needs to minimize the risk of component damage

Smart phones, iPad products’s glass lens, touch screens & LCD displays can be separated in a few mins

Default factory settings with general working conditions specification (Eg. Glue remove、IC de-soldering & Soldering、lens & touch screen assembly settings etc)

Integrated self-resetting overheat protection

LED warning alerts and sound alerts

Voltage overload protection integrated

Short circuit detection integrated

Automatic shutdown function integrated

All functions are user customizable

Lifetime free software upgrades and more

Updated: 11/15/2016 — 2:14 PM

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