Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Sigma Software v 2.07.02 Update Setup Download

Sigma Software v.2.07.02 is out!

Android ADB Tab:

1. Added World’s first Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI support 
for the following Huawei smartphones on Hi-Silicon K3V2E processors:

♦ Ascend Mate MT1-U06
♦ HN3-U00 Honor III
♦ HN3-U01 Honor 3

2. Fixed minor issue with servicing of Huawei Ascend P6-U06. 
The list of currently supported smartphones on Hi-Silicon has been double reviewed

3. The following MTK smartphones have been added to the list of supported:
♦ Digicel max (MT6572)
♦ Highscreen Alpha GTX (MT6589)
♦ QMobile A8i (MT6572)
♦ Philips W6610 (MT6582)
♦ Tušmobil KENTAURUS i110s (MT6572)
♦ Wiko Darkmoon (MT6582)

4. Improved Repair IMEI feature for some new MTK Alcatel smartphones: 
VF685, Pop 8, Hero etc.

5. Sigma root solution: updated list of models supported with “Autodetect” feature

MTK Tab:

The following MTK phones have been added to the list of supported:  DOWNLOAD ANDROID APPS FOR UPDATE

1. Telefunken TM 500 Cosi (MTEL Bosnia & Herzegovina)
have been added to the list of supported for unlocking via patching

2. Huawei U5130 is added to MTK calculator (unlock via IMEI)

Download Sigma Software v2.07.02

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