Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Sigma Key v.2.26.11 Setup Download

Sigma Key v.2.26.11 Setup Download

Sigma v.2.26.11. Flash Huawei via Upgrade Mode

Sigma Software v.2.26.11

1. Released flashing via UPGRADE MODE feature for
Huawei smartphones based on Qcom and Hisilicon:

Press vol+vol- and then connect USB cable to enter the Upgrade mode
Possible to use original flash files from open sources, e.g. from here or here
Please use this method as a main method to flash Huawei smartphones.

2. Released ENABLE DOWNGRADE feature (in Manufacture mode) for
Huawei smartphones based on Qcom/Hisilicon.

Sigma Key Software v2.26.11 released

You may use it:
To downgrade phone’s firmware version – for example, downgrade from higher to lower one.
To change phone’s localization (for example, to switch from Operator1 to Operator2).

How to do that:
Change provider settings (in manufacture mode)
Enable downgrade (in manufacture mode)
Flash the phone with the firmware that fits the selected provider settings
(Using upgrade mode: vol+vol-and powerON)

This solution is included into Pack 3 activation.

Download Sigma Software v2.26.11

Updated: 11/03/2017 — 12:45 PM

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