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Smart Clip2 ver 1.24.00 IMEI Repair Sony Latest Installer Download

Smart Clip2 Software IMEI Repair Sony Unlock v 1.24.00 Released!

Big Sony Update

We are glad to announce a release of Unlock, IMEI Repair and

Wrong Code Counter Reset functions for

Sony Xperia C / C4 / C5 Ultra / E4 / E4g / M5 smartphones.

Supported devices:

Sony Xperia E4g / Calla SS

♦ E2003♦ E2006♦ E2053

Sony Xperia E4g Dual / Calla DS

♦ E2033♦ E2043

Sony Xperia C / Pelican

♦ C2304♦ C2305 ♦ S39h

Sony Xperia C4 / Cosmos SS

♦ E5303♦ E5306♦ E5353

Sony Xperia C5 / Lavender DS

♦ E5533♦ E5563

Sony Xperia C4 Dual / Cosmos DS

♦ E5333♦ E5343♦ E5363

Sony Xperia C5 / Lavender SS

♦ E5553♦ E5506

Sony Xperia M5 / Holly SS

♦ E5603♦ E5606♦ E5653

Sony Xperia M5 / Holly DS

♦ E5633♦ E5643♦ E5663

Sony Xperia E4 / Jasmine SS

♦ E2104 ♦ E2105

Sony Xperia E4 Dual / Jasmine DS

♦ E2115 ♦ E2124

Key Benefits:

♦ Most wanted solution on the market

♦ No need to buy expensive unlock codes from the server & wait for 2-5 days anymore

♦ “0” attempt left / Counter blocked phones are supported!

♦ Unlock of all levels of codes is supported

♦ Locked phones with “codes not found in database” feature is supported

♦ All operators are supported

♦ Instant service without any limitations

Root required. Tested on devices running Android 4.x / 5.x

You can find our easy-to-understand unlocking manual in the “Help” section of Smart-Clip2 website.

This solution is included into Pack 5 activation.

Download Smart-Clip2 Software v1.24.00

Updated: 04/07/2017 — 3:15 PM

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