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XperiFirm 3.1 reached 99,000 downloads in 4 months!
XperiFirm 4.5.0 reached 110,000 downloads in 17 days!
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…Lets you download the current firmware for all Sony/Sony-Ericsson smartphones and tablets running Android, mostly of the Xperia line.
Works on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1:

Works on Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926):

Works on Mono (Example: Zorin OS Core 9.1 x64): [It’s not pretty, since Mono still uses Windows Classic theme, but it’s working]


Download the latast version from here

1– Microsoft Windows:
Microsoft .NETFramework 3.5 or newer!
* Windows XP SP3: .NET Framework 4.0
* Windows Vista SP2: .NET Framework 4.6 RC
* Windows 7 SP1: .NET Framework 3.5 is included, but you should update to .NET Framework 4.6 RC.
* Windows 8/8.1/10: To run XperiFirm, make sure you also extract “XperiFirm.exe.config” along with “XperiFirm.exe”. [Thanks to aphanic]
 NOTE — * Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux or OS X users may delete “XperiFirm.exe.config”.
2– Linux:
Install Mono for Linux:
$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe
Install Mono for Linux:
# emerge mono
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
# mono XperiFirm.exe
3– Apple OS X:
Install Mono for OS X:
Enter the following in Terminal:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe
v4.5.3 [May 8, 2015]:
NEW: One more step towards Flashtool integration: When the download/unpacking finishes, XperiFirm will create a file named “fwinfo.xml” inside the firmware’s folder which has information about that firmware. In the near future, Flashtool will use this file to create an FTF bundle for you without having to press anything.
v4.5.2 [May 6, 2015]:
NEW: A requested feature: When the whole CDA list has been checked for Latest Release, clicking “Check All” again will clear all “Latest Release” fields and re-check the list.
FIX: An unexpected and rather embarrassing bug that caused a crash when selecting a CDA and then deselecting it by clicking an empty area, and then clicking a release version while no CDA is selected. Now the Release list will be cleared to prevent this.
v4.5.1 [April 29, 2015]:
ATTENTION: This release is a preparation for better integration with Flashtool, done in co-op with Androxyde.
MINOR: The CDA sorting by Latest Release behavior was changed: Secondary sorting is by Market instead of CDA. Also, the revision version is ignored in the sorting algorithm because they are not comparable to each other (i.e. R11A in firmware X isn’t necessarily newer than R2A in firmware Y).
v4.5.0 [April 12, 2015] RE-RELEASE:
ATTENTION: You must update to this version, else the device list might not load.
ATTENTION: This update is the re-release of 4.5 with various critical fixes! XperiFirm moves to X.X.X version format ([Generation].[Major Update].[Minor Update].
FIX: The bug that caused “Invalid resource file received!” on some specific computers was fixed!
FIX: Several other bug fixes and code improvements!
v4.5 [April 11, 2015]:
NEW: Proxy settings added! Click the new gear icon next to the “Check All” button.
NEW: All country flags in the device list are now being loaded from XperiFirm’s server, which means if new flags are needed, you won’t need to download another version of XperiFirm, it’s all being covered server-side!
NEW: The panels aren’t being locked anymore when using the “Check All” button. You can scroll the lists, click on the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list. This will not interrupt the checking process.
FIX: Some visual bugs were fixed for even smoother experience!
v4.4 [April 10, 2015]:
FIX: Fixed a weird bug that caused a delay when opening XperiFirm and “Checking for updates…”.
MINOR: Added a few icons for devices marked as for Brazil. Some of them are both for Brazil & Argentina or Brazil & Chile.
v4.3 [April 8, 2015]:
NEW: Added support for CDMA devices with no IMEI (but MEID instead). Specifically, Xperia PLAY (R800x) for Verizon which was missing because of that issue.
v4.2 [April 6, 2015]:
FIX: On some computers, lists might get cached and unable to refresh. In this version, caching is disabled entirely.
v4.1 [April 3, 2015]:
ATTENTION: XperiFirm’s database now uses compression. Any XperiFirm version prior to 4.1 will not be able to load any of the lists!
v4.0 [April 2, 2015]:
NEW: Java is no longer needed for XperiFirm; Release list loading is now .NET-native. Which also allowed me to implement these features:
* File size was decreased from almost 300KB to just 267KB.
* You can run XperiFirm from any location, from any OS that has .NET Framework 3.5 or higher (Windows), or Mono (Linux/OS X). No more obscure Java errors that prevent XperiFirm from launching or working properly.
* Since there is no JAR file extraction involved anymore, hopefully anti-viruses stop complaining for a false-positive.
* Release list loading is MUCH faster, almost instant, since no more external Java calls are being made.
* When you select a CDA, the loaded release list is saved in memory until you select another device, which saves time and internet traffic if it’s re-selected later.
* When you use “Check All”, the “Latest Release” versions are being retrieved by the new method (instead of the Sony PC Companion-ish inaccurate method), which is accurate and is exactly the same as the topmost release you get when you select a CDA normally. (No more release versions mismatches and inaccurate versions)
* When you use “Check All”, the operation also saves the release list to memory, which will then be re-used if the CDA is being re-selected, instead of loading the release list again and again. 
v3.7 [March 25, 2015]:
NEW: Firmware are being checked for availability on Sony Mobile’s server when XperiFirm Downloader window opens. “Download” option will be disabled automatically for unavailable or incomplete firmware.
v3.6a [March 17, 2015]:
FIX: Fixed a tiny bug that prevented XperiFirm from finding the Java Runtime bundled with Flashtool.
v3.6 [March 12, 2015]:
ATTENTION: As of this release, “XperiFirm.jar” is being extracted to “%APPDATA%/XperiFirm/XperiFirm.jar” and will not appear alongside “XperiFirm.exe”.
NEW: Mono support for Linux and OS X: Platform-specific methods were replaced with custom methods to support all platforms that have Mono installed. If you’re on Linux and want to use XperiFirm 3.6, first do this in Terminal (this will take a while to complete):
– NEW: UI Changes: CDA list panel column headers changed (for Mono support), and a new busy/idle status icon.
FIX: Under-the-hood bug fixes, code improvements and better error handling.
v3.5 [March 05, 2015]:
ATTENTION: I’ve decided to drop the alias “IaguCool” and use my name, Igor Eisberg, as the developer from now on.
NEW: Manual unpacking for download manager support! Supports unpacking FILE_* or *.bin files manually, as long as the firmware is available for download. Includes file checksum verification. Supported formats for “Manual” unpacking (like any other CPU intensive processes – this one also works much faster on an SSD):
NEW: Error handling was improved! If you don’t have Java or if it’s corrupted – XperiFirm won’t run and an error will be shown.
MINOR: Minor UI tweaking to look beautiful on Windows 8+, as a preparation for Windows 10.
MINOR: A few under-the-hood bug fixes.
v3.1 [November 08, 2014]:
CRITICAL: Fixed a critical bug that caused high CPU usage. Performance now improved drastically.
v3.0b [November 07, 2014]:
MINOR: Fixed some annoying visual glitches.
v3.0a [November 07, 2014]:
FIX: Fixed a crash caused by some missing files on Sony servers that messed up with column ordering by Latest Release. (this happens when Sony just begins to roll an update, it’s a big mess of missing files, you’ll just need to wait patiently until Sony finishes uploading their updates).
v3.0 [November 07, 2014]:
ATTENTION: XperiFirm now targets .NET Framework 3.5 or later to enable some of the newer features!
NEW: Total UI re-make. More information about each device (like project/code name). Easier to navigate than ever before.
NEW: XperiFirm.jar is being self-extracted when you launch XperiFirm.exe. It is being always validated to be the correct file and recreated if it was modified or damaged.
NEW: Smart downloading: Dummy files are not downloaded. Each file gets a name by analyzing data received from Sony.
NEW: Smart auto-decryption ability, that uses online data to correctly unpack the firmware and prepare it for FTF creating in Flashtool.
NEW: Smart sorting for both “Market” and “Operator”, for finding your firmware easily.
NEW: Smart release version checking: Only empty “Latest Release” fields will be checked when using “Check All”.
NEW: Smarter error handling.
NEW: Added support for multiple simultaneous downloads.
NEW: Added the ability to copy the raw download links of a firmware to the clipboard. Use however you want and at your own risk!
NEW: Each and every device is being recognized exactly as marketed by Sony all around the UI, including devices that are merely variants of the same device.
NEW: The download folder will always have a unique name (adding “(#)” instead of overwriting).
NEW: The date of the latest update to the device list or any of the CDF lists will be displayed below the device list.
NEW: A cool sound will notify you when a firmware finishes downloading and/or unpacking.
FIX: Fixed a bug that broke the scrollbars of the CDF list when minimizing the window.
DONATE: A nice looking donation button was added, please use it to support me!
v2.5 [August 16, 2014]:
FIX: Fixed a critical bug which prevented getting releases of old phone models (caused by inconsistencies of Sony Mobile’s data)
FIX: A fixed “XperiFirm.exe.config” included, thanks to aphanic.
NEW: A new info was added to XperiFirm Downloader – the “Network” name. Useless for most users, but provides general idea about the intended networks the firmware supports.
v2.4 [August 12, 2014]:
FIX: Fixed the support for firmware of the same version but different revisions.
v2.3a [August 11, 2014]:
MINOR: Added the firmware revision to the firmware’s folder created by XperiFirm when starting a download.
v2.3 [August 11, 2014]:
NEW: Automatic check for the latest XperiFirm version. If it finds a new version, it offers you to open this thread.
NEW: Firmware revision was added to the release version (Screenshots updated)
MINOR: When you sort the CDAs by “Latest Release”, after running “Check All”, the CDAs are automatically resorted.
v2.2c [August 10, 2014]:
FIXED: The transfer speed indicator was fixed.
v2.2b [August 10, 2014]:
FIXED: The transfer speed indicator update rate was changed from extremely fast to once per second, in order to lighten up on CPU and RAM usage, especially on older computers.
MINOR: “XperiFirm.exe.config” is now packed with XperiFirm, you can chose not to extract it with the JAR and EXE if you don’t use Windows 8.
v2.2a [August 9, 2014]:
FIXED: A minor bug was fixed, that made XperiFirm crash when Downloader is closed while downloading a firmware.
v2.2 [August 9, 2014]:
– NEW: The XF Downloader’s code was rewritten to increase speed + Transfer rate indicator added & estimated remaining time.
MINOR: XperiFirm window is now resizeable/maximizable, by users’ request.
v2.1 [August 5, 2014]:
MINOR: Just a tiny cosmetic fix of the panels, just because I’m such a perfectionist.
v2.0 [August 3, 2014]:
FIXED: XperiFirm will now use Java 64-bit in Windows 64-bit.
NEW: Quickly check the latest firmware versions available for all CDAs of a specific device by pressing “Check All”.
NEW: You can use the Java Runtime Environment bundled with Flashtool, by copying XperiFirm.exe & XperiFirm.jar to Flashtool’s folder.
v1.0 [July 31, 2014]: