Mobile Flashing Tools , Driver And Flashing Box Software Update Download

Volcano Box Merapi Tool v1.2.1 setup Download

….MerapiTool & DataPro….

What is MerapiTool ?
MerapiTool is Paid activation for Volcanobox users. all RED BOX are PREACTIVATED but rest all White & Black Box users have to purchase it.
MERAPI is an amazing add on to your Volcano box. It will support a very large range of phones and offer some world first features on Chinese CPU. You can do Serviceā€¦.
MerapiTool cost 39USD for OLD users. TRIAL Activation is FREE Till 01 May 2015 so that you have time to earn enough money from it to buy the activation on the due day.

for more details
VolcanoBox Presents Pack1 Aka MerapiTool & Data Pro, Manual, Act, etc. All in 1 !!

MerapiTool is universal tool for repair your phones. it’s support lot of brands and china phone CPU. you can do Service Provider Unlock, Usercode, Flash, read flash, write flash, repair imei etc.

DataPro is very Unique Forensic Tool to Recover your DELETED data from any STATE/Condition of phone. you can get your important Delete Data back from DEAD phones, Phones with Software problems, White LCD Phones, From Dumps, From working phones etc…. Very Functions are very Unique and ONLY WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD. Functions which we put inside DATAPRO have only and only Security Agencies but now every VolcanoBOX Users can take Benefit from it. for more details please visit

DOWNLOAD Merapi Tool v1.2.1 Mediafire Link

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